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I am a graphic designer and creative technologist focusing on brand development and implementation for clients who are socially and environmentally responsible – being part Norwegian, appreciating nature and looking after the environment is in my DNA. Although I’m an American, I share many of the same attitudes found in Norwegians: enjoy the beauty and respect the power of nature, don’t tolerate social inequity and keep life simple. The reason? These attitudes combined lead to a sustainable life for all. Communication among humans is flawed, at best. If “design” is one’s mindset, then one can use whatever tools are available to communicate a shared idea or plan. As we all know, it’s not easy to communicate complex ideas and ideals simply, but I try. In my work, my design objectives reflect those of the members of the Bauhaus: to unify art, craft and technology for the greater good.

To me, all media can be used to communicate an idea, and I don’t limit myself to one.



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Currently, I am Director of Design and Production at Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build clean, green and beautiful communities.

Brand Implementation

• Partner with a variety of stakeholders and communications team to conceptualize, design, build, and extend brand experiences
• Develop creative concepts for interactive and print based projects; help to refine and further develop these concepts into a functional design system

Graphic Design

• Conceive and produce effective print design solutions based on marketing objectives and target audience • Trained in Bauhaus style which stresses clarity of form, color, and typography • Design and produce a wide variety of design projects including advertising, brochures, direct mail, logos, and posters • Illustration (digital and hand-drawn)

Web Design

• Design, develop and launch non-profit web sites, small business sites and fund-raising microsites • Manage digital assets and produce multimedia • Train staff to use a variety of Content Management Systems • Optimize multimedia for web viewing • Design e-news and produce HTML e-mail blasts

Rapid Prototyping (Web)

I learned to code so that I could understand how digital media is built and to learn rapid prototyping. I don't expect to become an advanced programmer, but I can assure any employer that I can talk the talk when it comes to web site builds and basic database connections. I have also mocked up web site pages for quick viewing, built simple sites by hand, and installed WordPress sites.





Attention to detail and proactive learning are my strong suits, and I also possess a constant desire to improve user experience.


• Web site design, development and management • Informational and promotional print design • Project and production management • Ability to conceptualize and problem solve in all phases of design, from ideation through production • Brand design, development and extension

Design & Tech Skills

• Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) • Adobe Pro, iMovie to Quicktime and mp4 • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Prezi • Art Direction for photography

Coding & Tech Skills

• Mac OS (some Windows XP) • CSS, HTML, XHTML; CMS installation: Drupal, WordPress • CMS management and web page creation: Podium, Convio, Finalsite, Joomla, Typo3 • Familiar with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive websites • SEO • DNS




Rhode Island School of Design: BFA in Graphic Design, Honors

New York University: Web Development Certificate:
Web Development With XHTML and CSS – A
MySQL with PHP – A
Content Management System (CMS) Essentials Featuring Drupal – A
Creating Websites for Mobile Devices – A
JavaScript – C

Aquent Gymnasium: jQuery Building Blocks – Final exam: 90%

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